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Resource Deployment

The primary goal of a well-structured resource deployment process is to optimize the utilization of resources across the organization. Top professional services firms know that resource deployment is one of the core processes that must work flawlessly as it is both a constraint and driver of growth and success.

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The purpose of this guide is to explain how the Company Resource Deployment Process works, who is involved, and what the underlying objectives and principles are behind resource decision-making. At Company our objectives for resource deployment are:

  • To maximize firm-wide realization
  • To optimize resource deployment decisions so that our clients get the best possible talent
  • To optimize resource deployment decisions so employees are assigned to projects in line with their interests, strengths, and personal and career goals.

These are ambitious objectives. In fact, at times these objectives may compete for priority. We can make the best possible decisions for Company by discussing, weighing, and managing important resource deployment situations as outlined in this guide. Regions/National Practices manage the resource deployment